Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All Natural Christmas Gifts!

Holiday Gift Ideas from Monkeyflower Ranch

All Natural Wool Comforter

The comforter is made with 3 lbs of natural wool batting from our flock with an organic cotton cover and hand-tied with organic wool yarn to prevent bunching. This is a "light" weight for mild winter climates like ours. The comforter is full/queen-sized and measures 86" x 86". Wool bedding is dust-mite resistant, good for wicking moisture away, and provides lightweight warmth. It is meant to be used with a washable duvet cover. Regular sunning and airing is the best way to care for your comforter, as it is not washable. Or you may have it dry-cleaned.

Lavender Sheep Milk Soap

$7 each
Luxurious handmade soap made from our sheep milk and high quality organic ingredients, scented with organic lavender oil. The soap makes a rich, creamy lather and can be used for hands or body.

Free Range Muscovy Duck

We will be slaughtering our summer crop of Muscovy Ducks at the end of November and have them ready in time for Holiday dinners. The hens will be about be about 6 to 8 lbs. and the drakes 8 to 10lbs. The ducks are part of the pest control program at the dairy, eating flies and cleaning up spilled grain. They are truly free-range (they like to sleep on my doorstep and forage in my flower garden!) and have only been fed organic grains. Muscovy duck is incrediably tasty, but does not have the heavy fat layer of other breeds. There will also be some older stewing ducks available at $6/lbs.

To place an order to pick up at a local farmers market

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