Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monkeyflower Ranch Natural Lamb

Lamb from Monkeyflower Ranch is naturally raised. No antibiotics, hormones or chemical wormers are used; garlic juice and rotational grazing are utilized for parasite control. The lambs are fed on fresh pasture, alfalfa hay and spent organic grain from Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing. At slaughter time they are an average of 6-8 months old. Our lamb is incredibly mild and tender, with none of the gamey "lamby" flavor.

Whole Lamb $300
approximately 30 lbs of meat
• 4 shanks
• 16 rib chops
• 4# loin chops
• 6-8# boneless legs
• 2# stew meat
• 6# ground meat

Half Lamb $175
approximately 15 lbs of meat
• 2 shanks
• 8 rib chops
• 2# loin chops
• 3# boneless leg
• 1# stew meat
• 3# ground meat

These are the "default" cuts, but you may order your lamb processed however you wish. Please specify if you would like the organ meat included.

A deposit of $50 is required with order and the remainder when the meat is ready. The lamb will be processed at Willow Glen Meats. Pick-up of packaged frozen meat will be the middle of September.
For more information or to place an order please contact: or 831-761-3630


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