Friday, June 17, 2011

Adopt A Ewe

Do you enjoy local, organic food that’s been lovingly produced by hand?
Do you wish you were more connected to where your food came from?
Ever thought about quitting your job, cashing in your savings and following your dream of starting a sheep cheese dairy? Want to live vicariously through someone who has?
If yes, Garden Variety Cheese would like you to:


For $250 you can cover the costs to feed and care for an organically raised dairy sheep.
In return, you will receive $300 worth of farm products from July to December of 2011.
You will also be the proud sponsor of a lovely individual animal and you and your family will be invited to visit your ewe and the ranch at private events. And you will have the satisfaction of helping a young entrepreneur fulfill her dream of a life on the land while supporting local organic food production.

Garden Variety Cheese is a small farmstead cheese business, based on 40 acres in Northern Monterey County. We began commercial milking and cheese production in March 2009. Our sheep produce lovely, rich sweet milk that makes fabulous cheese. To ensure the health and well-being of the animals and the high quality of the milk and cheese from Garden Variety Cheese, the 100 milking ewes here at Monkeyflower Ranch are fed on organically raised, irrigated pasture and organic brewer’s grain. Each ewe is named after a garden flower and treated with love and respect. Dairy sheep only produce milk for six months out of every year, and all of our cheeses are aged at least two months, some up to ten months, before they are ready for sale. This means there is a relatively long investment time from when the sheep eats the grass to when the cheese is turned into green. By helping us to better balance the cash flow for the farm, you can help to ensure the future production of more high-quality artisan cheeses. In return for your investment, you will receive delicious dividends when the cheese ripens and reaches its peak.

Be the proud sponsor of one of the lovely ewes from our milking flock! You will receive a picture and description of your adoptee, as well as regular updates at the farm. You will also be welcome to visit the farm and your sheep at special Open Houses and events.

The ADOPT-A-EWE box pick-ups will be TWICE MONTHLY at these farmers market locations:

• Downtown Santa Cruz, Wednesdays 1:30 to 6:30
• Cabrillo, Saturdays 8:00 to 12:00
• Palo Alto, Saturdays 8:00 to 12:00
• Mountain View, Sundays 8:30 to 1:00
• Los Gatos, Sundays 8:00 to 1:00


Twice monthly, receive a selection of our organic aged cheeses, yogurt, feta, and sheep milk soap worth $25 in value.

Receive all-natural meats from animals raised free-range on Monkeyflower Ranch. No antibiotics, hormones or steroids—just fresh-air, sunshine, and lots of good organic feed. The meat selection will vary each pick-up and include a variety of cuts of lamb and pork, including sausage, plus some beef and possibly poultry.

Twice monthly, you will receive $25 of meat cuts, in smaller portions.
Twice monthly, you will receive $50 of meat cuts, in larger portions.

Adopt A Ewe Packages

For more information contact Rebecca King 831-761-3630 or


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