Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Adopt A Ewe Update

A fourth pick-up site for the Adopt A Ewe has been added in San Jose/Willow Glen.

In response to a number of inquiries about the Adopt A Ewe plan, I want to provide a little more information about the wool comforter and whole lamb options:

Handmade Natural Wool Comforter

The comforter is made with 3 lbs of natural wool batting with an organic cotton cover and hand-tied with organic wool yarn to prevent bunching. This is a "light" weight for mild winter climates like ours. The comforter is full/queen-sized and measures 86" x 86". It is shown on a queen-sized bed in the photo. Wool bedding is dust-mite resistant, good for wicking moisture away, and provides lightweight warmth. Regular sunning and airing is the best way to care for your comforter, as it is not washable. It is meant to be used with a washable duvet cover.

Whole Lamb

Lamb from Monkeyflower Ranch is naturally raised. No antibiotics, hormones or chemical wormers are used; garlic juice and rotational grazing are utilized for parasite control. The lambs are grazed on organic pasture. At slaughter time they are an average of 6-8 months old.

30-35 lbs of meat--here is the approximate breakdown:

  • 4 shanks
  • 16 rib chops
  • 4# loin chops
  • 10-12# boneless legs
  • 2-3# stew meat
  • 8# ground meat


At 7:35 PM, Blogger PollyG said...

Hi Rebecca,
I got some of your cheese from River Street Cafe the other day; yummy!

Will you post again here once you have lamb for sale?

(nice looking comforter, too)


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