Tuesday, January 29, 2008

By the Numbers

There's been so much happening in the past month or so I don't really know where to start, so here's some raw data:

Lambs born in the three weeks between Dec. 25 and Jan. 16: 50

Lamb population to date: 64

# of ewes that have lambed: 36

# of ewes yet to lamb: 17

# of lambs with long curly hair/fur (not wool): 2

# of lambs that look like hairless cats: 1

inches of rain since Jan. 1 (according to the pitcher of rainwater on my picnic table): 6

# of times I've moved electric fence for pasture since Jan. 1: 17

# of times I've been to the planning department to submit permit applications: 3

# of 24" enlargements made of plans to submit to planning department for permit applications: 40

# of months waiting for shed company to send me plans: 3

# of weeks until expected response from planning department: 8


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