Friday, June 22, 2007

Just Ducky

Okay, so I don't know why the post titles have to be so cheesy, it's just unavoidable!

I got ducks yesterday! 12 Muscovy ducks mailed through the post office from Minnesota. The hope is that they will grow up to roam the farmyard and eat all of the flies and worms and other pests. They are also very prolific and tasty so I will be eating duck soon as well. I got a mixed group of different varieties--some chocolate and some ripple or somthing like that. I am looking forward to seeing what they turn out to look like, although they will all have the lumpy bumpy red growths on their heads like a turkey. Right now they are living in the bottom of a dog kennel in my living room. I am sweating like a pig while I type this sitting here on my couch next to the infrared heat lamp! We shall see if I can handle the heat and smell until they are old enough to go outside...


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