Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Housecoat Lady with Bare-Necked Chickens

Jeanine & Daniel Mocho
St. Etienne de Baigorri
05 59 37 44 46

This was another farm where we were not able to view the facilities. We bought a whole wheel of cheese and some black cherry jam from an older women at the farmhouse. Besides the yard of chickens which were all missing the feathers from their neck (a bare-necked breed? I don't know) the other notable aspect of our visit was the departure. Yvonne has little experience driving a manual transmission and we were parked on a sloping gravel driveway. As you might imagine, the clouds of dust and burning emergency brake drew the old women outside in concern and we eventually made our way with a considerable degree of embarassment. The cheese from this farm was AOC Ossau-Iraty.

The Cheese
rind: light brown rind with white mold and black speckles
pate: many small holes
flavor: mildly nutty
mouth feel: smooth


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